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The CompTIA ITF+ certification is the most fundamental certification one can acquire. Surprisingly comprehensive, preparing for the ITF+ Certification is probably one the largest jumps for people who are new to the world of IT.

However, you will not regret having studied for this amazing certification. For those who are just dipping their toes into the water, the ITF+ Certification will grant a broad knowledge of nearly every career path available in IT, making it the perfect starting point.

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Hundreds of practice exam problems aligning with the 6 CompTIA ITF+ (FC0-U61) exam domains

Each Certification is geared towards specific learning objectives and our practice exam has hundreds of problems based on all of these objectives.

Our questions will test your knowledge on the following exam domains:


IT concepts and Terminology




Applications and Software


Software Development


Database Fundamentals



Great teacher! Able to make difficult topics more engaging and understandable.

Mark L

Professor Bob is a outstanding instructor. Always made things simple and easy to understand and assisted us with anything we needed help with.

I went from having little background experience and no certifications to getting CompTIA ITF+, A+, Network+, and Security+ certified in a just few months.

Mr. Bob is an awesome instructor. He helped and guided me to understand the fundamentals of IT and launched me towards a successful career. I will take his courses any day and time.

Josh B

Thanks to the great teachings and hard work of Professor Bob, I have achieved my goal of being certified in CompTIA ITF+, A+, Network+, Security+ and Linux+.

I am 13 years old and certified in the following: CompTIA ITF+, A+, Network+, Security+, CYSA+, AWS Cloud Practitioner, Cisco CCNA, and LPI Linux Essentials. Thank you Professor Bob for teaching IT to our homeschool group.

Jay S Testimonial

Prof. Bob is hands down one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.  His way of breaking down difficult subjects and making them relatable has made all the difference for me.  I still had to put in a lot of work, but he’s been there to help every step of the way. Thank you So Much!

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Preparing for the CompTIA ITF+ (FC0-U61) Exam

The CompTIA ITF+ (FC0-U61) Practice Exam is great for professionals looking to switch careers into IT, or hobbyists who are looking for a starting point to learn more about technology. This exam will tackle each of the above learning objectives. When you can complete this practice exam you'll be prepared to do the following:

  • identify-computer

    Identify computer components and be able to understand what they all do.

  • understand-os

    Understand Operating Systems (OS)

  • data-sharing

    Be able to work with data storage and data sharing.

  • application-understanding

    Have an understanding of how applications work and how files interact with them.

  • software-installation

    Handle basic software installation.

  • mobile-setup

    Work with mobile devices, including setup and configuration.

  • identify-risk

    Be able to identify basic security risks and prevent them.

  • compatibility-issue

    Identify compatibility issues

  • pc-maintenance

    Be able to handle preventative maintenance on PC workstations and servers.

  • database-concept

    Have a solid grasp of basic database concepts including SQL.

  • programming

    Gain a basic understanding of programming concepts and different programming languages.

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